Welcome, come take a seat, lend me your reading eyes!
I have started this blog with the aim of sharing the world I have with my beautiful fur-kid & possibly yIMG_1606ours. Along the way I hope to show you all about the wonderful extra things we do with your dog and maybe give you some handy hints on training, fun activities and useful products that make life easier.. So stick around, I’ll make it worth your time.

Let me introduce my partner in crime… Edge.

Edge is an energetic Chocolate Merle Border Collie, we both share a passion for agility. Agility? This is a dog sport where the dogs need to jump jumps, go through tunnels, weave rounds poles etc etc… Most people will relate it to the old Tux Wonder Dogs Show. (Showing my age now!)

We were actually competing over the weekend just been, yes, in the rain, madness I know! Winter calls for some creativity in keeping our canine friends entertained whilst keeping ourselves dry. hmmm, Can’t say I was dry but I was certainly having fun. Edge is an enthusiastic kid with a big personality, so when we do our courses he has something to say all the way round – I try telling him he needs to shut his gob so he can hear my instructions but, well, he hasn’t quite got my point yet. Good things take time I suppose!