Dog Training

We offer a safe environment for dog training Tauranga dogs and owners

Dog Training Sessions &  Classes

Canine College from 5 months – 1 year – $140.00*

Canine College is designed to help dogs from 4—18 months of age to become more sociable and manageable out and about and in a group. It is basic obedience for young dogs. The next step up from Puppy Preschool. A class where we teach the owner how to train their dog to behave in public, particularly with distractions. We use force free & game based training methods. Some of the areas we focus on are manners, walking calmly beside you, sit, down, stay & come.

Classes run for 6 weeks on Monday or Wednesday evenings.

Stay n Train Sessions $20

A service offered to dogs attending Daycare.  We take the nourishment beyond the bowl & use it to shape desirable behaviours. Dogs are dropped off to daycare with their breakfast, we use the food plus some fun games to address behaviours such as jumping up, pulling on leash, impulse control & more.

Stay n Trains are available on any weekday – bookings are essential.

The Rapid Recall Workshop $60

Are you nervous when unclipping the leash? Struggle to get your pooch to return when you call? Does selective hearing kick in when the leash is off? The Focus of this workshop on engagement with your dog, encouraging your dog want to be WITH you & return to you with enthusiasm. In this 2 hour workshop we teach a series of short simple games that will have any dog eager to be at theirs owner’s side!

These 2 hours Workshops are usually held on a Sunday.

Swimming Sessions $15

These are seasonal, with a staff member in the pool. Dogs are gently introduced tot he pool environment with first timers wearing a lifejacket. These sessions are designed to help dogs gain water confidence under close supervision. Over several sessions we work up strength & confidence to remove the lifejacket. Great for weightless, fitness, water confidence, brain stimulation or just a fun way to cool off! These sessions are offered on Weekdays.

*Expression of interest for any of these classes, workshops or training sessions: Please phone 07 576 90 81 or email to register.

Grange Spa Canine Resort Cancellation Policy

We want to keep giving the best possible service and access to our facilities to all our valued customers. To ensure those customers on our waiting list have the opportunity to take up cancelled bookings, we have the following cancellation policies in place which we encourage you to familiarise yourself with before booking your next appointment with us.

If you need to cancel your booking, please do so by phone, text message, Facebook Messenger or email. No Shows with no communication will result in a full day being charged to your account.

We will send you a reminder about your appointment for you to confirm. You may reschedule or cancel at any time up to our closing time the day before your appointment. For cancellations received later than this, full charges will apply if we are unable to fill your spot with another booking.

Please help us to help each other give everyone the best possible Grange Spa Canine Resort experience!

Dog Training Tauranga